MU Info - 7/18/2018

   LMS Teaching and Design Boot Camp
The Teaching and Design Boot Camp was created specifically for graduate instructors and teaching assistants at Mizzou. This 90-minute seminar will help GIs and TAs become self-sufficient in their teaching responsibilities by learning: Skills to effectively and efficiently manage a Canvas site; Course design principles that help ensure the achievement of course goals. Register for the Boot Camp.

Announcement sponsored by Educational Technologies (ET@MO)
   Do you have Sleep Apnea?
MU Health Care now offers a breakthrough implantable treatment option for those who have obstructive sleep apnea and are unable to use or consistently benefit from a CPAP device or other treatments. For additional information, contact Natalie Taylor, RN, at (573) 882-2902.

Announcement sponsored by Neurology
MU-College of Education Adventure Club Before & After School Program is currently accepting applications for Site Assistants for the Fall 2018 semester. Adventure Club is located in 21 elementary schools in Columbia. If you like working with kids, come join our team.  Available shifts 6:40-7:25am morning shift & 2:25-6:00pm afternoon shift, M-F for one set of schools and 6:40-8:05am morning shift and 3:00-6:00 pm at another set of schools. Staff can work from 2-10 shifts\week and consistent schedule for the semester. Starting pay $9.00. Applications available at 109 Hill Hall, 101 Park De Ville, Suite D or at Call us at 884-2582 with questions.

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   Apply (or nominate a student) for the Emerging Leaders Retreat!
A two-and-a-half day, off-campus community leadership education experience for first-year students! The Office of Student Engagment will lead student through personal development exercises, teambuilding games and a community impact project all while immersed in a camp-like atmostphere with 30 other like-minded students. Apply HERE or nominate a student HERE. Email with questions.

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   Participants 18 – 30 Years of Age Needed for Memory Study
You are invited to participate in a working memory study in which memory for colors, shapes, sounds, and/or words are determined via responses to computer games. Compensation is $15 per hour. If interested, please contact us via email at (preferred) with subject heading “ADULT MEMORY STUDY.” You are also welcome to contact us directly at 573-882-7417.  We’ll be happy to reply with all of the details including scheduling options. Many thanks in advance for your participation. Nelson Cowan, Working Memory Lab, MU Department of Psychological Sciences.

Announcement sponsored by Psychological Sciences
   Parents with Children Ages 6 and up: Sign Up for a Memory Study
Interested parents with children 6 years or older are invited to join a study of working memory, the information one holds in mind while solving problems or comprehending language. To learn why memory changes with age, we have developed games that most children enjoy, on memory for sounds, words, objects. We pay $15/hour for participation (1-2 hour/session), and a children’s book. To participate, children must have no uncorrected hearing or vision loss and must be native speakers of English. If you would like more information, leave a message with your name, phone number and/or email address. Email (preferred), or phone 573-882-7417. Thanks. -Nelson Cowan, Working Memory Laboratory.

Announcement sponsored by Psychological Sciences
   Learn to RESPOND effectively to someone experiencing mental health concerns
Learn to RESPOND effectively to someone who is experiencing emotional distress or crisis. Most of us want to help someone in distress, but often feel uncertain about what to do or say. You will learn to recognize symptoms often associated with mental health problems and leave with an action plan to RESPOND effectively. Counseling Center staff will also provide information about campus policies such as FERPA as well as crisis and mental health resources at MU. Register at for the workshop offered August 3rd. Contact Christy Hutton at with any questions.

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